The joy of music is for everyone

Whether you are preparing for a music college or an adult who is just learning an instrument for the first time, Music Fun lessons will get you on the right path.

Online Lessons Available

In addition to our in-person lesson, we are happy to offer online lessons.  This option makes our lessons available to students around the world, as well as, giving our local students more flexibility.  With modern technology, both young and older students can take advantage of having lessons without even leaving home.

Our online lessons take place through Skype.  You will need to set up a free account with Skype, but aside from a computer or device to run Skype, there is no special equipment required.

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Music Technology and Production

Understanding and using technology is of great benefit for todays musicians.  As the music we listen to evolves, so do the tools used to create it. In the past, the recording studio was only available to the privileged few. Now, anyone with a computer has access to a world of endless musical possibilities. Studying electronic music at Music Fun will help you explore that world. Lessons are geared to your level of experience. So whether you are just curious about what electronic music is, or you are already creating beats and want to learn more about mixing techniques, we can develop a course just for you. 

Recitals and Performance

We offer recitals and prepare students for performing.  We provide an fun environment that helps students conquer their stage fright.

We teach with passion, covering topics like:

- reading and writing music

- music theory

- music history

- performance techniques

Music for youth

We are experienced with teaching young students, and helping them build a solid foundation by focusing on the fundamentals of music.

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Jam Sessions

For the older (but young at heart) students we offer jam sessions.  Here you can share your music and learn to play with other musicians in a no pressure jam session.