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Electronic Music Production
As the music we listen to evolves, so do the tools used to create it.  In the past, the recording studio was only available to the privileged few.  Now, anyone with a computer has access to a world of endless musical possibilities.  Studying electronic music at Music Fun will help you explore that world.  Lessons are geared to your level of experience.  So whether you are just curious about what electronic music is, or you are already creating beats and want to learn more about mixing techniques, we can develop a course just for you. Here are a few of the topics we will cover…

Groove Writing
- drum machines and grids
- bass lines
- genres and tempos
- style specific cliches

- DAW history and basics
- the interface
- analog and virtual

Song Forms and Elements
- verse, chorus and bridge
- chord progressions
- melody writing
- breaks, drops, and builds

Sampling and Looping
- building a drum rack
- slicing a sample
- using loops in Ableton aka scenes
- warping audio

- recoding audio
- using virtual instruments

- eq and compression
- delay and reverb
- modulation effects
- distortion type effects

- channel/track layout
- sends and returns
- automation

Equipment Requirements
Fundamentals of electronic music production can be taught with no equipment.  Starting here, the beginner can learn about the many possibilities and what type of equipment would be most useful to them.  Eventually it is necessary for the student to have access to a computer.

Both Mac and PC are usable.  There are a few minimum system requirements:

PC with Windows 7 SP1, 8 or 10 / Intel Mac (Mac OS X 10.7)
Multicore processor.
1024×768 display.
DVD drive or broadband internet connection for installation.
3GB free disk space

Ableton Live Intro ($99)

There is a 30-day free trial available, but eventually it will be necessary for a fully functioning DAW.  I am experienced with Pro Tools, Cubase, Digital Performer, Reason, and Logic.  They all do similar things, but have different layouts and some have unique features.

No requirement

Unique needs depend on what the student is trying to accomplish.  An interface for inputing audio, midi controllers for live performance, preamps for microphones; you can learn about these things with Music Fun’s equipment.